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CAN BE USED ANYWHERE ONLINE               Order A Card

* Works for credit cards payments via phone.
* Shop anywhere online where Visa acceptable.
* Pay online fees for schools and universities, etc
* Use for recurring payments.
* Book and pay for hotels & flights online.
* Use at Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, ClickBank l, Google checkout, google adword (for your online advert) Skype, iBill, ccBill, and much more.. Anywhere Visa is accepted.
* Worldwide acceptance throughout internet merchants and websites.
* You can GIFT it to your family, colleagues or friends.
* Control your budget as it's prepaid.

Reloadable Prepaid cards

Our services include provision of Prepaid Virtual Visa Card. You can decide to reload your card as many times as you want. If you are concerned about security, you may go for the card you can use at once and purchase another one.
Order as many as you want to service your online experience. If you know how much you will need for a particular service required, you can buy for just that amount.


(All cards are reloadable and valid for one year)

Preloaded Balance Included   Amount to Pay

$  10 Virtual Card        $ 25
$  20 Virtual Card        $ 45
$  50 Virtual Card        $ 75
$  80 Virtual Card        $105
$100 Virtual Card        $125
$200 Virtual Card        $245

Perfect Money e-currency Accepted!

Contact us for any amount required not stated above.

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