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About Us


Our business Overview

We offer VISA branded Virtual Card that you can use with your Name AND billing address that you want, the visa card is accepted by all merchant. Most of the time it is very hard for an ordinary person to get qualify for a Credit Card in a BANK.   You can get a card that enables you to shop  with any name you decide and protect your personal data online.

Look No Further

  • * Protect your personal data
    * Pay instantly, anywhere online
    * Shop anywhere online without any bank account
  • * No ID required to get a Virtual Card from us
  • * No credit check or Nationality discrimination
  • * Easy Payment Methods
  • * Apply Get Approved within 24 hours
  • * No charge back

Why buy with us?

Contrary to popular belief, Access to Internet Shopping and purchasing mostly needs a Credit Card which is not accessible for many people in many countries. Some people who have access to the Credit Card are also afraid to give out there real Credit Card Number while shopping on line. Worry no more.

Since 2007, till date our system wants to facilitate the common people with all latest facilities of Internet that is; everyone can afford shopping online. Prepaid visa card for internet use everyone eligible.  Prepaid Card Accepted by all sites, including Google, Paypal, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, and others..

We offer a variety of budget virtual cards plans from small amount to a higher denomination. Our reliable and professional support backed with our technical expert we guaranteed server up-time! all your card orders will be promptly delivered as soon as the payment is confirmed and verified. We have the most flexible means to fund your card. Easy payment methods available. No hidden or monthly Charges. Order for and get within 24 hours via e-mail. Everyone is eligible in the world. Valid for one year. Use worldwide.